Mission Statement

Sports Betting Alliance (SBA) members offer safe and legal online and retail sports betting to customers with critical safeguards in place to keep minors from betting. Our member companies operate only in the 25 states and additional jurisdictions where online sports betting is legal and the 34 states and additional jurisdictions where retail sports betting is legal.

In these jurisdictions, legal online sports betting platforms and retail outlets give fans a safe and responsible way to bet on games – all while generating significant tax revenue for state and local governments.

SBA members believe the legal sports betting industry has a principal responsibility to protect consumers and the public. SBA member companies work hard to ensure their platforms provide safe gaming experiences for all customers. This includes training all employees in responsible gaming; allowing players to self-exclude from platforms; giving players the ability to set limits on the amount of time and money they spend on a platform and including problem gambling prevention and help messaging in our marketing.

We believe customers in all 50 states should enjoy the benefits of safe and legal sports betting with consumer protections and responsible gaming tools that do not exist on the illegal market.

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States where you can legally bet

It’s time to end the offshore, illicit market for sports betting and create a consumer-protected and transparent online sports betting market in all 50 states.

Use our Take Action tool to ask your state lawmakers to support safe, responsible and legal online sports betting.

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