Let North Dakotans Play

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The Sports Betting Alliance is composed of betting platforms and fans united to legalize and regulate sports betting because North Dakotans deserve the freedom and safety to enhance the experience of the sports they love.
In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court removed the federal law that prohibited states from legalizing sports betting, opening the door for states to decide individually whether or not to legalize and regulate it. Now, the voters of North Dakota deserve to have a voice in regulating sports betting and the opportunity to participate in the games they love.
Why Legalize and Regulate Sports Betting?
North Dakota is known as a frontier of freedom and a leader in protecting individual liberty. Allowing a referendum on sports betting gets the government out of the way, allowing voters to decide whether they want sports betting in North Dakota.
Stop Illegal Blackmarket Gaming Operations
According to AGA projections, ~138,000 individuals in North Dakota place illegal bets totaling over $300 million every year, often without even knowing the websites they use are illegal. North Dakotans using unregulated sports books have no guarantee that their personal information is safe or that they will receive payouts of their bets. Removing these nefarious operations from the shadows protects consumers and promotes transparency.
Recent projections estimate that legalized sports betting in North Dakota will result in more than $3 million in revenue for the state annually. Revenue generated from a safe and regulated sports betting market can be used to make key investments to improve the quality of life for all North Dakotans.
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Disclaimer: The site’s primary objective is to keep visitors informed about the benefits of legalizing and regulating sports betting and to encourage visitors to take action by sending a letter to their elected officials. Currently, gambling in certain states, including North Dakota, is outlawed. The site is intended for adult users over the age of 21.

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